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The Teguflex HO expansion joint is composed of a special internal Nitrile rubber compound, suitable for high temperatures without harden. The unique fabric reinforcement is resistant to hydrolysis, which will endure high temperatures in combination with moisture, water or oil mixed water. This ensures a long service life with remained properties.

Building length 130/150/200 mm.

Turnable flanges.

Typical Applications

For industrial hot water pipelines where oil-based additives are used against corrosion, for lubricating oil, domestic oil, oil mixed pressurised air etc.

With an allowed working temperature at 110ºC, which is approx. 20º higher than many competing materials, you get improved properties when used in cooling systems.

For engine manufacturers, for instance, this means that the effectiveness of the coolant system can be increased while maintaining the service life of the expansion joint.

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