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Scots Bearings Ltd have an expansion joint that meets every customer application. By adapting the latest rubber and fabric technology, Scots Bearings Ltd & Trelleborg can provide the most effective solutions to suit the required properties for any pipe systems.

The expansion joints may be specially designed for pressures, temperatures, chemicals, lengths, diameters and shapes required by any applications.

The expansion joints may be manufactured in different shapes: round, square, rectangular, conical, with or without arches. In other cases with open or filled arches, with or without flanges.

Although Trelleborg Expansion Joints count as a single product, the potential variations are almost infinite.

Typical Applications

Expansion Joints are used to create secure and better pipe systems. They help to compensate for any bending, stretching and compression that may arise. In addition, they reduce vibrations and noise.

They are used in industrial installations, offshore, dredging industry, cooling water systems for power plants, in gas and drinking-water supply lines and in combination with condensors, in pumps, turbines, boilers and more.

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