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Scots Bearings Ltd, Scotland’s largest independent supplier of bearing and power transmission products are proud to promote and offer the New Lenze Smart Motor.

A single motor for many applications!

New freedom in motion for engineers.

The Lenze Smart Motor reduces the number of different drive versions by up to 70%. Contactor and starter do not feature, fixed speeds can be set at will and there are numerous integrated functions for materials handling applications.

Furthermore, the Lenze Smart Motor meets the requirements of IES2, the top efficiency class for drive systems, and can be operated very conveniently using a smartphone.


  • Freely adjustable speed reduces the number of different drives
  • Integrated soft start function
  • Less wiring thanks to electronic contactor and motor protection function
  • Energy-efficient (IES2)
  • Can be operated with an NFC-capable smartphone and Lenze app

Reducing the number of different drive versions with ease

  • The constant speed of the Lenze Smart Motor can be set steplessly between 500 and 2600 rpm
  • This reduces the number of different gearbox ratios and thus the number of different drive versions by up to 70%
  • Less time and money is spent on purchase order procedures and storage

Maximum integration with ease

  • Integrated ramps for smooth acceleration and deceleration to protect the system mechanics and the goods being conveyed
  • Integrated full motor protection
  • 3 digital inputs for changing speed and direction of rotation
  • 1 digital output for status messages

Handling overload and compact with ease

  • Many materials handling applications need much higher starting torque than continuous torque – the Lenze Smart Motor has been designed and dimensioned specifically to meet this requirement
  • As a result it is both compact and energy-efficient

Ease in operation

  • Contactless and de-energised via NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • The motor can be operated by an NFC-capable smartphone, for example

Combined with ease

  • Available with directly built-on gearbox and various motor options (including LongLife holding brake)
  • Drawing on Lenze's established system toolkit for three-phase AC motors, the Lenze Smart Motor can be customised specifically to meet the requirements of your application

Energy efficiency with ease

  • The Lenze Smart Motor meets the requirements of IES2, the top efficiency class for drive systems
  • Full use is made of the generous ratio between starting torque and rated torque
  • Integrated EcoMode
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