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Scots Bearings Ltd, Scotland’s largest independent supplier of bearing and power transmission products are proud to promote and offer the TEC range of EExde Motors.  

The TEC EExde range of motors are certificated according to international standards HRN EN 50014, HRN EN 50018, HRN EN 50019 and EN 50281-1-1 by Ex-Agency of Republic of Croatia (Agency for Areas Endangered by an Explosive Atmosphere) and CESI Italy. TEC explosion-proof motors are of the highest quality constructed from premium quality materials of robust design, high IP protection, sealed for life bearings, weather and corrosion-proof paint and insulation system of high dielectric strength suitable for frequency converters. Each explosion-proof motor is marked in accordance with EN 50014 standard with rating plate which contains data for explosion-proof protection.

Standard Design Series: 5AT 71-112 In aluminium die casted finned frames with feet and terminal box casted together, shields from cast iron Series: 7AT 132-280 Frame In cast iron finned frames, detachable feet, shields and terminal box from casted iron Ex-protection: ATEX II 2G EExde IIC T3/T4 (motor enclosure in “d“, terminal box in „e“) Mountings: IMB3, B5, B35, B14 and B34 (last two available up to 132 frame size) Terminal box: metal; viewed from DE situated on top Cable glands in „e“ according to technical specifications Power range: Series 5AT 71-112 power range: 0.09 – 4,0 kW, series 7AT 132-280 power range: 2,2 – 90 kW Duty: S1 (for the environment from –20°C till + 40°C, up to 1000 m above sea level) Voltage and frequency : 230/400V ± 10% Δ /Y (up to 2,2 kW), 400/690V ± 10% Δ/Y (from 3 kW) and 50Hz Efficiency: In class EFF1/EFF2 Number of poles: One-speed motors: 2, 4, 6 and 8 Index of protection: IP 55 Insulation class: F (rise B, wire in class H and C) Colour tone: RAL 7030 (colour epoxy).

Other factory options: Explosion protection: ATEX II 2G Exd IIC T3 Description: Motor housing and terminal box in “d”, without cable glands with explosion plugs Explosion protection: ATEX II 2G Exd IIC T3 Description: Motor housing in “d”, without terminal box with DIRECT INDUCTION of 1,5 m long cable. Explosion protection: ATEX II 2GD EExd(e) T4 IP66 T135 oC Description: Motor housing in “d”, terminal box in „d“ or “e”, for GASES and DUST Explosion protection: ATEX I M2 EExd(e I) Description: Motor housing in “d”, terminal box in „d“ or “e”, for mines and other places with small danger of mechanical damages and sitting.

Current Stock Range:

4Pole (1500rpm) 0.25kW up to 30Kw

2Pole (3000rpm) 0.37kW up to 30Kw

All stocked in B3 Foot Mount

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