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Scots Bearings Ltd, Scotland’s largest independent supplier of bearing and power transmission products and proud to offer the Tygris range of Aerosol and Spill Control products.

Tygris is a registered brand of Interservices, a business started in 1971, providing maintenance products for industrial applications. Years of experience have led to the development of effective solutions to the everyday challenges of machinery maintenance. Tygris specialist high grade aerosol products help you maintain and protect equipment and machinery in any working environment.

The Tygris range of cleaners, lubricants, protective agents and finishing products are based on proven formulations designed to do the job first time, every time.

Example: Drive and Bearing Lubricant - Extreme pressure lubrication for drive chains and bearings

Tygris R229 is an effective lubricant for the lubrication of chains, bearings and wire ropes. Containing extreme pressure and anti-fling additives, this enhances chain and rope life whilst having minimal effect on rubber O-rings and components, and can be used at a wide range of temperatures.


  • Anti-fling properties for moving chains
  • Extreme pressure additives for long arduous service
  • Not aggressive to rubber parts
  • Wide temperature range
  • Use on drive chains, wire ropes and bearings

Scots Bearings Ltd are able to offer a Tygris product for just about every Industry Sector including;

  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Food Industry
  • Industrial
  • Janitorial
  • Plastic Injection Moulding
  • Metalworking & Fabrication
  • Construction, Site & Warehousing

Scots Bearings Ltd offer users approved and safe Tygris aerosols for use in food, drink and clean environment processing without compromising product effectiveness.

The Tygris range of NSF Registered aerosols provides users requiring lubrication, cleaning or protecting products, for use in clean environments, with the assurance that they are meeting critical audit requirements whilst still being able to rely on an effective product.

NSF H1 Registered products are specially formulated using listed ingredients which meet the standards required for safe use in applications where incidental contact may occur during manufacturing processes. NSF standards are recognised worldwide and are approved by auditors working on conformity to major supermarket, European and Retail audit requirements.

For further information on the products listed please contact your local Scots Bearings Branch who shall gladly arrange a site visit to discuss in more detail.


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