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Scots Bearings Ltd, Scotland’s largest independent supplier of bearing and power transmission products are delighted to introduce the new IMO terminal junction box range which has been introduced to compliment and extend the current range, allowing to connect up to 50A loads. The terminal junction boxes will be POS packaged so that they can be mounted on our POS stands, which will make them visible to all customers rather than having to be stored off the stand and out of sight. This will allow for sales of the new terminal junction boxes to be much easier in trade count scenarios.

The technical benefits of these terminal junction boxes will be that they come supplied with push fit terminal strips and cable glands, which make the terminal junction boxes a complete product where the customer does not have to purchase glands above an IP55 rating. With the introduction of the extended range we can allow up to 50A connection loads in the spacious TB33C sporting a 125 x 167 x 82mm enclosure.

In conclusion the TB Terminal Junctions boxes will be a value added asset to an already strong range of products, which will help promote and grow new business.

For further information on the products listed please contact your local Scots Bearings Branch who shall gladly arrange a site visit to discuss in more detail.


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