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Scots Bearings Ltd, Scotland’s largest independent supplier of bearing and power transmission products are proud to promote and offer Tsubaki’s new range of high quality sprockets.

Tsubaki now offers a large range of high quality sprockets. Their sprockets are built from top-grade, heat-treated carbon steel to offer long wear life, resist abrasion, and withstand heavy shock loads.

You get longer service life and reliable performance, turn after turn, time after time. For extra corrosion resistance and food-grade applications, alloy and stainless steel sprockets are also available. Sprocket Performance System performance highly depends on chain-sprocket interaction, which means your choice of sprockets can elevate your operation’s success.

Make the right and easy choice with Tsubaki sprockets from Scots Bearings Ltd.

• Reduced downtime maintenance

• Increased productivity

• Lower replacement costs


In order to serve the majority of the sprocket market, Tsubaki has stocked a vast range of sprockets.

• Carbon Steel sprockets acc. DIN 8187 standard (Simples & Duplex)

• Stainless Steel sprockets acc. DIN 8187 standard (Simplex)

• Carbon Steel sprockets acc. ANSI standard (Simplex)

• Carbon Steel Taper Bore sprockets acc. DIN 8187 standard (Simplex)

• Taper Bushes, metric series

To ensure maximum performance of your drive system, Tsubaki carbon steel sprockets are executed with induction hardened teeth as a standard to make a perfect match with the high quality Tsubaki chains.

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